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The control axes on my joystick are wrong only with this game. I have a T. Flight HOTAS X. Any help is appeciated!

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You can use the control settings with the initial popup for Unity! I'm not sure as to how to configure your current setup. That probably didn't help XD


Thank you so much! I love this! Often times the best of games are Open-Source - which is sad - as those who create the best of game are of course payed the least. Thanks again!


This was a relaxing experience. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:


Super relaxing game set in an interesting world. 


Took the time to fly through the world of Eole. You've def. made something special here. Fun, relaxing, beautiful. Love it.


This looks extremely relaxing - can't wait to play this after watching the trailer!