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YAADON is a boss fight game where Chaos is the main keyword. 

A solo game where the player will evolve in a city formerly inhabited by gods. You play versus the Astral god named Dekhana. You will follow the pace of the narration introduced by cutscenes, splash screen and voice dialogues.

For people who want to tryhard, there's a "Nightmare mod" ;)

Headphone & Controller highly recommended !

Narrative Plot :

When the supreme astral god Dekhana  created the universe, he created 3 main gods that represents the nature, abyss and the sky. He decided to create an ultimate god, the time god that will give the life to the world previously created.

Due to the effect of the time on that world, the others gods decided to ban the time god and erase his memory.

Team :

- DENEAUX Benoit

- DUPRÉ Thibault


- HAAG Corentin



3D Artists can be found in the ingame credits.


YAADON 1.09.zip 847 MB

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